Project WIPs

Check out this short film I made with Keegan West as a side project while studying!  

Keegan did all the lighting and compositing, while I did all the modelling and texturing.  We both animated (with a little help from our classmate Jonathan Cooper).  The aim was to create something that expressed each of our strengths in CG, resulting in a super stylised mini short film :)  Enjoy!

This is what I submitted for my dynamics assessment.. not too bad for a couple hours work I thought :P

Had fun with the colours!

Yay finally finished rigging!
Made a few tweaks to this scene from earlier in the year. All procedural shaders.
early stages of a zBrush sculpt!  Work in progress…:)
Rigging our main character, just finished up ik/fk switch and finger controls! Phew!
Texture, normal, and displacement maps for the character :D
Some character concepts :)